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About Us - ActiveTrainingWorld

ActiveTrainingWorld (or ATW as the cool kids refer to us) was launched on November 1st 2011 by runner and triathlete James Shipley

In 2010 James Shipley signed up for his first Ironman Triathlon and had to enter the event on one website, look for a training plan on another site, look for nutrition advice on another and was keeping a training diary on yet another. He set out to create a website that enabled you to do all of this on one website.

ATW handles the online entries for lots of events and provide FREE training plans to help you train for the race. These training plans are written by Olympians, Current Pro Athletes and highly regarded Coaches. We also have a free training diary for you to keep track of all those hours and miles!

To keep motivation high ATW regularly speaks with top athletes in sport and ask them to complete our Q&A style interiew. Amongst those who have already completed the interview are Non Stanford, Jodie Stimpson, Liz Yelling and even Nell McAndrew!

In 2013 ATW hosted a triathlon training day with former Elite Athletes Sian Brice, Tanja Slater, Jez Cox and Leda Cox as the coaches. They were joined by special guest Vanessa Raw. This gave athletes of all levels the chance to learn and improve in their sport by elite athlete coaching. ATW has hosted several more triathlon training days since then working with Rebecca Romero, Alan Rapley, Sky Draper and Natalie Barnard.

ATW also regularly provides swim cam analysis with former elite triathlete Tanja Slater. Hundreds of triathletes and swimmers have had their techniques analysed from above and below the water line in this session.

In September 2013 ATW launched the Ickenham 5 Mile Race which is thought to be one of the fastest 5 mile routes in the UK with just 2 metres of height difference between the highest and lowest points on the course. 

In March 2014 ATW re-launched the Hillingdon Half Marathon which was last held a decade before.

In November 2014 ATW will be hosting the Hatfield 5 Mile Race which will be another flat and fast course.

ATW now has over 10,000 members entering events and downloading our free training plans. Over the next few years ATW are hoping to encourage even more people into sport.