ATW Triathlon Training Day

Join us to improve your technique and times or simply
just get started in triathlon!

ActiveTrainingWorld are delighted to announce our first Train'athlon of 2014.


Following on from the success of our three triathlon training days held in 2013, we will now be hosting our winter triathlon training day at St Margarets School, Bushey, Herts on January 11th 2014.

Joining our team of coaches this time will be Pro Ironman Triathlete Natalie Barnard and Perform for Sport - the Elite Physiotherapy and sports performance specialists.

Groups will be split into two groups of beginners and improvers on the day so that the coaches can tailor the sessions to meet your needs and others of the same experience and skill level.

Which group should I join?

If you have never competed in a triathlon before or would like to go right back to basics then the beginners group is for you.

If you have completed one or more triathlons and are now looking for that extra edge and advice from the very best in the sport then the improvers group is for you.

Please note this day is about focussing on good technique and you will not need to worry about your fitness levels.

The triathletes will rotate around the sessions, grouped by triathlon experience!
This will be a full Triathlon Training day covering everything needed to improve your performance.

Improve your front crawl swimming technique and shave minutes off your time. Whether you are new to triathlon racing, have competed in a few races, or fully hooked, improvements can always be made to your swim stroke.

  • Breathing techniques
  • Streamlining
  • Body Position
  • Leg Kick
  • Stroke Efficiency
  • Breathing techniques
  • Streamlining
  • Arm Pull Phase
  • Application Of Power
  • Stroke Efficiency
Bushey has some fantastic roads to cycle on. Riding in groups you will be coached by either an elite or former elite cyclist. Each group will also ride with an ATW employee who will ride at the back of the group to ensure safety.
  • Gear Selection
  • Cadence
  • Riding in pairs
  • Maintaining speed round corners
  • Getting out of the saddle
  • Race pacing

  • Riding in groups
  • Changing of pace
  • Bunny hops
  • Over, under (gears) and optimum gear selection
  • Dead turn practice

The transition area is not about fitness. It's the one area where all triathletes are on an even playing field. There is no reason why the Brownlees should be quicker than you through transition yet they most likely are!

Transition Training: 45 minutes

  • Introduction to the rules of transition.
  • How to set up your transition area.
  • How to avoid breaking the rules.
  • The upper and lower body rule.
  • Getting the most from elastic laces and shoe straps.
  • A series of drills and mini transition races to work in improvements.
  • Finally, a mini tournament of races from swim exit to run exit in order to test new techniques and transition confidence.

You will also be given tips on how to run well off the bike and work on the necessary drills to improve speed and most importantly staying injury free.

Run Technique session:  40 minutes

  • How do we run? Observations and Icebreakers.
  • How to run badly and why this happens.
  • The start of the ‘Strings’ technique for optimal running form.
  • Drills and mental strategies for instilling the technique.
  • Specific practice at reverting to optimal technique when tired.
  • How to strengthen your ‘deep core’ in order to maintain optimal form.
  • How well do we run? Final observations and learning out comes.
Perform For Sport are the elite physiotherapy and sports performance specialists. If you want to excel at triathlon then you will need to remain injury free. Join them for a 1 hour seminar on injury prevention for triathletes plus a prehab circuit which will put everything you learn into practice.

Taking place at the ideal training ground at St Margerts School in Bushey, we'll have exclusive use of their swimming pool and sporting facilities. The day costs just £95 (£90 Early Bird Price) and includes all coaching and sessions, lunch plus an event day T Shirt and Swim Cap will also be provided.


By booking onto this event you agree to complete a disclaimer form on the day of the event.
You agree that there are no refunds for this event but you will be able to defer your entry to another of our training days.
In the event of any of our coaches not being able to attend we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement but can not guarantee this. The sessions listed are a guide-line only and progress through the session plan will depend on the ability of the group. The coaches are free to alter the sessions as they see fit for the benefit of the group.
You will be cycling on the roads surrounding the venue. Every group will have a coach and a guide but you will participate in this session at your own risk.

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