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100 Mile / Century Training Plan

Cycling in the UK is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are entering longer distance sportives.

Training for a longer distance cycling event takes a considerable commitment from the athlete in both effort and time.

ATW has a 100 mile cycling free training plan available for beginners




  Tanja Slater
Roy Chamberlain

The century cycling training plan was written by Roy Chamberlain.

Roy has been cycle racing for over thirty years and in that time has ridden for the French and Belgium teams as well as representing Great Britain around the globe. He is still actively competing as an elite rider on the domestic road racing circuit as well as riding the occasional International race to keep his motivation levels up.

As a rider, Roy’s strengths lay in stages races where strategy and endurance came into play but confesses to missing out on more than a few victories that came down to a sprint by not being blessed with enough fast twitch muscles fibres!

As a British Cycling level 2 coach Roy combines his riding experience with a BSc in Sports Science and an MSc in Exercise Physiology. This mix of experience and knowledge is mirrored in Roy’s approach to his coaching with the analysis of data from sessions and race strategies combined with as much time as possible spent on the bike or ideally racing with his charges to identify strengths and weaknesses they didn’t know they had.



All of our training plans are free to ATW members. If you would like to follow the beginner training plan then click the link below:

Beginner 100 Mile Training Plan

This beginner 100 Mile / Century training plan is aimed at people who want to attempt a 100 Mile cycle ride for the first time.

In order to complete the 12 week beginner 100 Mile training plan athletes should be ready to commit to 5 or 6 training sessions per week.