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Steve Way is a long distance and ultra runner who will represent England at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

If you went back seven years and told Steve that he would be representing his country at the marathon in 2014 he probably would have found it very amusing. In 2007 Steve was 16 1/2 stone, had high blood pressure, 20 cigarettes a day habit and was addicted to fast food! Fast forward to present day and Steve, now 40, has since ran over 26,000 miles and earned himself a place at the Commonwealth Games.

Earlier in 2014 Steve finished 3rd British athlete at the London Marathon, behind Mo Farah and Chris Thompson. His time of 2 hours 16 mins and 27 seconds was 33 seconds under the qualifying time for the Commonwealth Games. In May 2014 Steve took part in the British 100k Championships and broke the UK record when he averaged just over 6 minute miles for over 60 miles!

Steve Way works in a bank 9 to 5 and since he also has to fit in 130 miles a week we appreciate him tking the time to take part in our Q&A interview:


Steve WayName: Steve Way

Age: 40

Occupation: Back Office Banking Clerk

Favourite Events: Marathon / 100k

How did you first become in interested in athletics?

A late starter I’m afraid. Having not taken any real interest in sports up until the age of 33, I took up road running as a means of losing weight and helping me to quit smoking. What initially was just a means of burning calories in 2007 has turned into so much more than that now with a real passion for road racing and athletics in general.

What is your best performance to date?

Close call on that one, really hard to choose between my two key races this spring which have both been real breakthrough runs for me. A big PB of 2:16:27 and 3rd Brit at the London Marathon in April secured me a place in the Commonwealth Games England team and then only 3 weeks later I won the National 100km championships with a new British Road record of 6:19:20. The 100km time is probably what I will be most proud of looking back as it shows I really could be competitive at a World level over this distance.

Steve WayWhat is your most important training session?

I don’t have one! For me, all of my performance and fitness comes from consistency and big mileage and no “one session” really stands out as being the key. Most of my speed work comes in the form of long intervals somewhere around marathon pace so as an example one of my “favourite’s” in the build up to a marathon would be a 30min / 4x5min / 30min session which ends up being around 20 miles in total with warm up and warm down.

What is the most impressive/craziest training session you have ever known somebody complete?

Am I allowed to choose one of my own? ;-) It would have to be a 50 mile trail run over the hilly Purbecks just 14 days before qualifying for the Commonwealth games at the London Marathon, you probably won’t find that in many peoples marathon build-up!

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

First off, do myself and team proud at the Glasgow games. Based purely on PB’s I’m going to be ranked well down the field so I will be aiming to have a good day and “punch above my weight”.

Other main goals over the next 12 months will be to have a pop at the British V40 marathon record which is currently 2:15:46 held by Ron Hill from 1979 and then to be competitive at the Comrades 2015 “Up Run” – as road Ultras go, they don’t get any bigger!

What is the most memorable athletics event you have ever watched?

Tricky one this, as mentioned I wasn’t really that interested in athletics until a late age so I missed out on a lot!

I do however remember watching Paula getting her 2:15 at London in 2003 and thinking that was pretty awesome. At the time I obviously wasn’t educated in marathon running well enough to understand how impressive the time was but I certainly do now, I need to find another 62 seconds!

Which athlete do you most admire?

Steve Way2 answers again I’m afraid, well 3 actually! Paula Radcliffe and the “Brownlee Brothers” – Obviously their race performances speak for themselves but what I really admire about them all is the way they go about their training, no nonsense and ridiculously hardworking.

Where is your favourite venue that you have competed at?

Obvious answer but the truth, the streets of London for the marathon. I can’t stay away from the event and if possible end up going back every year!

What is your favourite:

Book: “Advanced Marathoning” by Pfitzinger and Douglas –Turned my life around

Film: 'Avengers'

TV Show: West Wing

Shameless Plug – Is there anything going on in your life that you would like to mention?

I’M GOING TO THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES – there is nothing else in my life at the moment!

Question from previous person to complete Q&A (Helen Clitheroe) -

What is the biggest sacrifice you make to do your sport?

MeerkatBeing “social” with my close friends and family. Sometimes when in key marathon training phases I end up being quite selfish with my time – I’m either training or complaining about being tired!

What question would you like to ask our next athlete to complete our Q&A?

What is your biggest “vice” that as a serious athlete you have to keep under control…. And do you ever fail to control it!

If your next race had to be done in fancy dress, what outfit would you choose?

A “Simples” Meerkat

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