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Non Stanford developed her competitive spirit on the running track. For 3 straight years (2002, 2003 and 2004) she was the Welsh 1500m champion. Unfortunately for the running world but fortunately for the triathlon community Non picked up a running injury and turned to the pool for her rehabilitation. It was't long before her talent shone through and Non started training as a full time triathlete with the University of Birmingham.

Following some strong performances in the ITU World Championships, Non finished off 2012 with her best performance to date - winning the World Triathlon Grand Final in Auckland and becoming the U23 World Champion.

ATW caught up with Non Stanford to find out about her career so far in our Q&A interview


Name: Non Stanford

Age: 23

Occupation: Athlete, Coach with Driven to Tri

Favourite Events: Team Relays; fast, furious and fun.

How did you first become in interested in athletics?

My mum was my PE teacher at school and roped me into the cross country team in order to make the numbers up. I loved it and joined Swansea Harriers soon after.

What is your best performance to date?

Winning the World Elite U23 Triathlon Championships in Auckland last month.

What is your most important training session?

I don’t believe I have one particular session that is more ‘important’ than any other. If you’re doing a session that’s not a particularly important part of the weekly schedule then you need to ask yourself why you’re doing it.

What is the most impressive/craziest training session you have ever known somebody complete?

You hear about some ridiculous training sessions, but I think you have to take some of them with a pinch of salt! Brett Sutton’s sessions get talked about a lot and they certainly sound crazy! I’ve been told that his birthday present to athletes is 100x100m in the pool and that Nicola Spirig once ran 40km on track as 800m temp, 200rec??!

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

To have another hard but consistent winter. I think this is key to having a good season. Last year I had my best winter of training and as a result just had my best season to date.

Which athlete do you most admire?

Without a doubt Kelly Holmes. People expect me to say it as I’ve been involved with her On Camp With Kelly scheme since it started in 2004, but she really is an inspiration. She overcame incredible adversities during her journey and was rewarded with the ultimate athletic prize. But she’s not just a great athlete, she’s also an amazing person. She’s given so much back to the sport and has time for everyone, which is a rare quality.

Where is your favourite venue that you have competed at?

We’re really lucky that the ITU World Triathlon Series races are held in some amazing places. But they’re all so diverse, it’s hard to pick a favourite. The atmosphere in Hamburg is unrivalled, and Stockholm holds fond memories for me after we won the World Mixed Relay Championships. Kitzbuhel is probably the most beautiful, but in terms of best course it would have to be the tough hills at Auckland; it really showed who the strong all round athletes were!

What is your favourite:

Book: I’m currently reading the Hunger Games which is very good. I really enjoyed Stephen Fry’s autobiography and I guess I should confess to being a big Harry Potter geek!

Film: Man on Fire, Taken, 300. I prefer something with a bit of action.

TV Show: Come Dine with me (watching it as I speak!!), QI, Mock the Week.

If your next race had to be in fancy dress what outfit would you choose?

The Santa Run always looks quite fun!

More about Non Stanford......

Non will be coaching at swim clinics held by on the following days:

Leeds Nov 10th
Cardiff Nov 24th
Bath Dec 2nd
Oxford New Year, TBC

You can also follow Non Stanford on Twitter - @NonStanford

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Posted Date: 05th Nov 2012

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