Sports Psychology

We at Active Training World believe that knowledge of sports psychology is of value to all those focused on enhancing their performance.


Mental Imagery and Physical Practice

For example, research in the field of sports psychology by Woods (2001) has shown that mental imagery, together with physical practice, leads to greater performance improvement than just physical practice alone. Wth these principles of sports psychology in mind this audio clip has been produced to help you use your own mental imagery to motivate yourself towards achieving your goal.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Using cognitive hypnotherapy it will enable you to call upon your own imagination to support you while following your training plan. Cognitive hypnotherapy is a unique form of hypnotherapy which uses your own natural trance states that you enter into voluntarily on a daily basis. When did you last 'drift off' when someone was speaking to you or when you were watching television or listening to music?  


When should I listen to the audio clip?

All you need to do to experience this natural trance state and allow your imagination to respond in ways that help you achieve your true potential is to listen to this audio clip every day for the next 28 days. Only listen to this audio clip when you can relax and are not doing anything which requires attention... particularly driving or operating heavy machinery.

The free Sports Psychology Audio Clip is available at the link below:


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