Training for Swimming

Whether you are swimming for fitness or training for a swimming event like an aquathlon, most swimmers need to improve their swimming technique. By following a few simple rules you can significantly improve your speed and distance in the water. 


Learn how to improve your front crawl technique

ATW members can access our free advice and plans to help improve the front crawl technique. View this swimming training advice.


Triathlon and Aquathlon Training 

Athletes that want to improve their swim time and distance when competing in the swimming discipline in a  triathlon or aquathlon can follow our swimming endurance training plan for beginners.


What is an Aquathlon (often mis-spelt as Aquathon!)

An aquathlon is a two-stage continuous event involving swimming followed by running. Aquathlons generally follow triathlon distances. ATW can help you train for an aquathlon using our swimming and running training plans.


Click on the link below to select a swimming training plan or advice on swimming techniques