ATW Swim Drills

The Catch Up Drill


Catch Up with Pro Ironman Triathlete Natalie Barnard


Timing of the front element of the stroke when performing a one arm cycle. Aim to hold the extended arm out straight for the duration of the single arm cycle whilst the other performs the underwater catch, pull and rear extension before exiting the water to bring the arm overhead back to the extended arm.


Aim to lengthen the extended arm and the whole body throughout. The body needs to be streamlined to reduce drag and improve efficiency through the water. A strong, powerful pull should be performed and felt during the underwater stroke in order to propel the body forward through the water.

Head and Legs

The head needs to straight and looking slightly down the pool, this enables a good body alignment and enables the hips and bottom to be near the water line. The Legs should be relaxed, extending from the hips not the knee joints, with plantar flexed ankles (pointed).

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