ATW Swim Drills

Hip Sculling


Hip Sculling Drill with Pro Ironman Triathlete Natalie Barnard


This is the final phase of the underwater stroke. This action, like the catch, enables the body to travel through the water by effectively pushing the water behind you.


A good level body position is key. The arms should be down by your sides and alternatively push or ‘waft’ the water behind using a strong hand and wrist action. There is a small degree of bend from the elbows, with focus on extending fully at the very end of the stroke before bring the hand back to the start position. Small hip rotations can assist this motion greatly.

Head and Legs

The head needs to be looking slightly down the pool. This enables a good body alignment and enables the hips and bottom to be near the water line. The Legs should be relaxed, extending from the hips not the knee joints, with plantar flexed ankles (pointed). A Pullbuoy can aid buoyancy and isolate the upper body.

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