ATW Swim Drills

Midline Sculling


Midline Sculling Drill with Pro Ironman Triathlete Natalie Barnard


The second phase of the underwater stroke, the in-sweep. This transitions the hand and arm towards the body and hip line in an ‘S’ shape motion.


Round the shoulders with the arms and elbows both at a 90 degree angle away from the body line. This angle should remain fixated for the sculling motion. Lower part of the forearm and wrist need to be rigid, with an in sweep and out sweeping action to help propel the body through the water.

Head and Legs

The head needs to be looking slightly down the bottom of the pool, this enables a good body alignment and enables the hips and bottom to be near the water line. The Legs should be relaxed, extending from the hips not the knee joints, with plantar flexed ankles (pointed). A pullbuoy is useful to aid buoyancy.

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