Tennis plyometric training plan


Plyometric training for tennis has become a widely used training method by coaches and players around the world. It is an integral part of most serious players’ overall training programme

Plyometric training is, physically, very demanding. The exercises involve overloading the muscles in the form of rapid changes of direction while falling, stepping, leaping hopping bounding or jumping. However, recent thinking is that low intensity plyometric exercises are beneficial for tennis players  with relatively low levels of physical strength, as long as the higher intensity exercises are reserved for stronger, more physically mature players.

Plyometric training has been found to be an effective training technique that improvements in agility can occur in as little as 6 weeks of plyometric training.

This tennis training plan provides a range of low to high intensity exercises.

For full descriptions of all the plyometric exercises in this training plan please refer to the attachment below.

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